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OXYGÈNE 74 (Association de Randonneurs en Haute-Savoie Nord)


Autumn 2008

Oxygène 74 is an association of mountain hikers which operates since 1994 in the Haute-Savoie and the Pays de Gex. Affiliated with the FFRP (Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre, the French Federation of Hiking Associations). Loi 1901. Animators - guides : Georges, Ali, Bert, Léa, Joseph, Marcel, Claude...

Training : be able to go uphill 1000 m in 3 hours (700 m in the winter) and to hike 12 km during one day. Equipment : Solid mountain hiking shoes, warm clothes, raincoat or umbrella, waterproof jacket to protect you from rain and wind. Snowshoes.

Technical Difficulties : 5 to 9 hours of hiking. Level 1 : Popular. One should be reasonably trained (gradient of 700 m). Level 2 : Experienced hikers (gradient of 1 000 m). Level 3 : Difficult hike or hike with technical parts. Beginners who do not know their capacity and which start hiking should try the outings of the 1st level (easyer hikes, suggested speed gradient of 300 m per hour). More experienced hikers will find more demanding hikes among the outings of level 2 (suggested speed gradient of 350 m per hour).

Health : a medical certificate is obligatory for members.

Fees : Members : Annual contribution 32 E ( including license of the FFRP and insurance IRA), plus 1 E per outing for the association. Period from 01/09/08 to 31/08/09. Non-Members : 4,50 E per outing. Licensed with another club : 2,50 E. (complete list of fees at the bulletin d'adhésion - registration form (in french)). Car sharing : 0.10 euro per kilometre is paid to the driver.

Insurance : the association ensures the non-member hikers (civil responsibility and physical accidents). The members of the association which take part in hikes are covered by the insurance of the FFRP (CR and accidents) during the outings of the assocdiation and during their private hikes.

Registration in advance directly with the animator-guide reponsible, as listed in the programme. If possible, complete the formulaire d'adhésion - inscription form (valid for one or more hikes, and until 31 August of each year). If you want to become a member, please complete also the bordereau de licence - license form . Participants without car, inscription the latest on Friday evening 20 o'clock. Participants with a car , inscription the latest on Saturday morning 12 o'clock.

Meeting point : Annemasse, Bonneville, Cluses and Sallanches each Sunday morning between 7 and 8 o'clock at a meeting point, dependent upon the destination of the hike. Group of about ten persons. Sharing of the day's programme and welcome drink. Fresh air, physical activity and friendly atmosphere.

Come and join us !
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Oxygène 74, Appt. 204 Helvetia 4, 107 rte d'Annemasse 74160 Collonges Sous Salève (France) téléphone 0033 450 95 96 89 ou 0033 682 03 55 42. Courriel : ; Site Web :

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